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Any result the lawyer or law firm  might achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate  similar results can be obtained for other clients.

Workers' Compensation Injury Case

Third-Party Liability
$7.5 Million Settlement
Plaintiff suffered severe burns in a fire from a gas explosion at a propane gas dispenser.  The case was litigated for nearly three years on a theory of negligent installation of the dispensing station without a legally-mandated safety device.  The parties took dozens of depositions in multiple states and engaged many experts for product tests and system evaluations.  Ultimately, the matter was resolved after several months of negotiation following mediation.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Shoulder Injury
$1.6 Million Verdict
Medical Malpractice case brought against one of the foremost shoulder surgeons in the world. The allegations included a lack of informed consent and failure to perform the proper surgery resulting in axillary nerve damage. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiffs. An affidavit from the jury foreman showed the jury considered an additional $1 million appropriate for punitive damages.

$1.5 Million Settlement
Medical negligence involving injury during anesthesia leading to prolonged hospitalization and protracted healing process.

Shoulder Injury
$500,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice case brought against one of the foremost shoulder surgeons in the world. The allegations included a lack of informed consent and failure to perform the proper surgery causing scapula injury.

Immune System Failure
$585,000 Verdict
Plaintiff was given improper medication by a dermatologist that caused a cascade of her immune system.

Chiropractic Malpractice

$2.2 Million Settlement
The Plaintiff was a self-employed subcontractor who performed home remodeling, etc. After injuring his back, he began treatment at a chiropractic facility. He was repeatedly manipulated in the cervical spine area by a student while displaying neurological deficits along the left side of his body. He deteriorated from ambulatory to requiring a walker. Eventually he was diagnosed with a cervical disc lesion compressing his spinal cord. Following surgery he remained an incomplete quadriplegic.

Severe Injury / Auto Accident Cases

Car Wreck
$1.1 Million Verdict
Plaintiff suffered severe injuries to her foot following a collision where a driver crossed the center line and struck her head on in her work vehicle.  The case was tried in a very conservative county and the jury returned a verdict of nearly double the offer from the insurance company.

Truck Intersection Collision
$750,000 Settlement
The Plaintiff was rear-ended by a cement truck operated by the Defendant that resulted in cervical spine surgery and limitations on future work ability.

Truck Intersection Collision
$1.3 Million Settlement
Vehicle was T-boned by a logging truck at an intersection causing severe injuries.

$1.5 Million Settlement
A woman was sitting at an intersection waiting to make a turn onto the roadway when the at-fault driver, who was speeding, ran off the road and hit her vehicle. Charles Hodge went to work to educate the insurance company that the single mother wasn’t just a number, that her death had huge emotional and economical impacts. After presenting an economic report from an expert witness, the carrier decided to settle the case rather than take it to court.

Wrongful Death Cases

Excessive Force
$700,000 Settlement
The father of a deceased woman shot and killed by a police officer sued the city for wrongful death caused by the officer not following standard policies and procedures. The Defendant settled for $700,000 to the family. 

Negligent Use of Firearm
$2.9 Million Judgment
The deceased Plaintiff was hunting with a protégé. The protégé mistook the Plaintiff for an animal, shot and killed him. Action was brought for negligence that resulted in judgment.

Product Liability Cases

$1.075 Million Settlement
Plaintiff’s husband was operating a floor buffer when he became overcome with Carbon Monoxide emitted by the buffer. The buffer failed to include a shutoff switch allowing the buffer continued to run after the operator fell to the ground. The case was filed as a strict liability product defect and negligence action and settled after trial began.

Medical Device
$950,000 and $800,000 Settlements
Two separate confidential settlements based on allegations that an international manufacturer of medical devices failed to properly warn physicians that the device caused the risk of upstaging and/or spreading cancer leading to increased treatment and/or death as a result.

Gross Negligence Cases

Excessive Force
$700,000 Settlement
The family of a pregnant woman who was shot and killed by a police officer sued the officer, the police department and the city for gross negligence and for violation of the woman and her unborn child’s constitutional rights. The Defendants settled for $700,000 to the family. Read more.

False Positive on Drug Test
$375,000 Settlement
The Plaintiff underwent drug testing which was interpreted as positive. Plaintiff contested the interpretation and obtained an independent drug test immediately after the positive result. This result was negative. An action was brought against the drug test laboratory and resulted in settlement of the case.

Wrongful Termination Case

Woman Fired after Daughter’s Illness
$1.3 Million Verdict
When a woman’s daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness, her employer told her to take seven weeks of paid leave to care for her daughter. When she came back after seven weeks, she was told her position had been eliminated. She sued the company and with the help of Charlie Hodge, a federal jury returned a $1.3 million dollar verdict against the company.

Fraud Case

Real Estate Scam
$700,000 Judgment
Plaintiffs were deceived by Defendant into an investment for real property. Defendant failed to make improvements to property and then absconded with the funds.

Contractor Theft Case

The Case of Buried Treasure
$125,000 Settlement
A woman hired a contractor to perform heating and air services at her home. She told the men her husband had buried $100,000 in the basement and she would split the cash if they found it. The two HVAC workers found the money and quit their jobs just days after working at the woman’s home. The jury found the company at fault and awarded the woman $125,000.

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