We come across some interesting cases at the Hodge Law Firm. For instance, we got a call from a group of workers who claimed their employer wasn’t paying them. Dozens of workers at Happy Home Care, a former Spartanburg-based home health care business, stopped paying its employees around Christmas 2021.

Charlie Hodge began looking into the case trying to find out why the successful company was having trouble managing its bills. Charlie scheduled a deposition with the owner of Happy Home Care, Chadrick Robinson, to see what he could find. It was during that deposition a shocking revelation came to light. Robinson, who was under oath to tell the truth during the deposition, told Charlie he had been conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a guru in southeastern Africa. He said he meet the guru and felt a connection with the man.

When the case got to court, the judge ruled Robinson must pay more than $82,000 to 11 former employees.

This case was recently reported in the media. Charleston Post and Courier reporter Matthew Hensley wrote an article for the daily publication. You can read more about this case by clicking the link below.

Post & Courier Article Link